Here’s Why Your Jeans Have Those Random Little Buttons

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The front pocket of your jeans is a mysterious place — there’s that weird little pocket that we only just figured out had a purpose, there’s a bigger pocket that usually isn’t even roomy enough to fit your phone (why even be a pocket then?!), and there are those random little silver buttons that have always been stuck to your pocket seams, but no one really knows why.

On our quest to answer the Ancient Pocket Mystery, we’ve uncovered a groundbreaking fact that puts us one step close to solving all the denim enigmas. Elite Daily reports that those little metal buttons aren’t actually buttons at all. They’re called rivets and they’re not meant to snap onto anything, even though they really look like they should.

Apparently, rivets were put in place to prevent wear and tear on the corners of the pocket seams. Since pockets go through a ton of strain when you sit/put things in them, the rivets are supposed to prevent a split.

Good to know!

Source: Seventeen

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